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hehe [December 14th]
[ mood | irritated ]


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my birthday! [November 27th]
[ mood | bouncy ]

it's my birthday!

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my heart's beating faster. [November 20th]
[ mood | giddy ]

my birthday is in 7 days! woo.

i am so excited. i don't think anyone reads my livejournal anymroe anyways but i love writing in it. if i stopped writing on here i would let myself down. maybe it's good nobody reads it or i would be deemed psychotic. lol.


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i i i i i i i [October 30th]
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how you end up, let me know [October 29th]
yesterday was awesome. school was ok, it was the usual. i got an 18 on my geometry quiz. out of 20 of course :D
then after school jessica and i walked to my house to get ready for the games and the parade. we saw jv play, which was pretty cool. then max met us at the game and saved our seats for us while we were in the parade for freshman steering. then we saw the varsity game. i was hella tired too i kept zoning out. millie spent the night. we fell asleep like 2 seconds after we got home.
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dude [October 21st]
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what an amazing day my ex-boyfriend is stupid because he thinks we're like the greatest friends and it's really reallly reallly really reallyl really reallly annoying cuz i know what he says about me to my bestest friends.

the end....
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life is pretty good [October 16th]
[ mood | relieved ]

well it lasted two months. it was pretty fun, till the end, and i'm actually happy because i couldn't break up with him myself. and now i can date who i want. i can't wait for school i feel like i haven't been to school for a long time and i miss seeing everyone at once so... yeah. i spent all weekend with jessica. pretty much. <3333

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back to this one [October 12th]
got sick of the old one <3
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[March 30th]
i'm reallllly bored. let's see...

homeroom: i worked on my script that i forgot to finish...
science: some stupid grid thing i guess? i dunno. i dont really care either.
math: i went up to the board hoping to show off my brilliant knowledge of algebra, and i ended up working REALLY hard only to find i did the wrong problem. so embarrassing...
drama: some costume fashion show. blah
lunch: i saw my aunt for like 2 seconds. my cousin has a tummyache so he left. he was whining "MY TUMMYYYYYY HURRRTS" and making painful looking faces. but i still got my taco bell. :D
english: assessment on theme. i don't really care.
history: uneventful

zgjahklefhklfhmjghn i love you

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Ring 2 [March 19th]
i saw the ring 2 yesterday at the commons. i lost my ticket so i had to buy one for robots and they were checking tickets, so i was like "OMG OMG". it was soooooooooo good. i went spring shopping with my aunt today and got two really cute outfits.

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ladeeda [March 1st]
[ mood | bored ]

not much is new. got the sims 2 university. didn't go to school today.
anyhooooooooo, i am bored. bored bored bored. does anyone watch csi? it was good last week.... OMG I FORGOT TO WATCH IT LAST NIGHT. thank god for dvr.
i didn't go to school today because i'm cool like that. pssh sure. i didnt go so i could play the sims 2 university. shh... don't tell. lol. ;)
There is nothing on tv tonight, which is good, so i can play my game all freakin day. heck yes.


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